Fun and Easy Learning Activities for ANYWHERE! (seriously!)


Here are some quick and fun (educational) activities that can be done anywhere. By making learning fun in your child’s every day environment, they learn to see learning as a daily, lifelong process that can occur anywhere. They also learn that learning is fun!

In the Car

Finish the Alphabet! Look for the letters in alphabetic order on signs, license plates, billboards, etc. The first one to Z wins.

License Plate Alphabet! Look for the letters in alphabetic order using only license plates. This gets very tricky, so is best with slightly older children who can handle waiting for their needed letter to come along. *hint* vanity plates are a gold mine in this game.

Counting! Set a goal for how many specific objects you want to find. Example: First one to count 20 cows wins! First one to count 10 red cars wins!

Pattern Hunt! Look for patterns in the cars on the highway. Example: Honda, Ford, Honda, Ford or grey, grey, blue, grey, grey, blue or female driver, male driver, female driver, male driver. The options are endless!

At the Grocery Store

Big, Bigger, Biggest! Check out the fish section or the baking goods area. Look for a big, bigger and biggest fish, bag of flour, bag of sugar, etc.

Which is more? Talk about how much things cost. Point out the prices in the produce section. Which is more? Apples or pears? Oranges or lemons?

How many words can you read? Grocery stores are full of reading opportunities. Encourage your child to look for words they recognize and can read. Keep count of how many words they read and encourage them to beat their score the next time they go to the grocery store with you.

Try out one or two of these activities the next time you are driving with your child or have to take them grocery shopping with you. Be amazed by how much they know and want to show you! Trust me, you’ll see the gains.


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