The seed of an idea is planted…


It’s a long process, raising and educating a child. As a teacher, I have noticed that some of our society’s values about education and childhood are becoming replaced with convenience. The fast food culture of our nation is rapidly and negatively effecting our children and their ability to learn in today’s schools.

I believe that parents act as a child’s first and most important educators. As a parent, you teach your child how to talk, how to behave and how to treat others. Why then, do so many parents of today forget that they also share a role in the academic lives of their children? Perhaps they feel uncomfortable in the role, or simply overwhelmed by the daunting task. It is my sincerest hope that by sharing some of my knowledge and beliefs with you that I help to make the process of educating your child easier on you.

Upcoming posts:

-What should my child be able to do before they enter grade one?

-Letter and Number Skills

-Fun and Easy Learning Activities for ANYWHERE! (seriously!)

-It’s the School’s Job!

“Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions.”  – William Allin


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